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Al Halaby Est., a privately owned Lebanese company specialized in Raw material, was established in 1999 and currently operating in Hadath-Lebanon.
Al Halaby Est. was a fruitful result of joined efforts between the Halaby brothers, Fady & Ziad Al Halaby.

In 2004 Al Halaby Est. grew bigger and in 2005 the company umbrella embraced new products such as cold Jelly for cake decoration and Bakery Additive from the Turkish leading company �Katsan�.

In 2010 Al Halaby Est. became the official Lebanese distributor of an international company that offers the finest quality Belgian chocolate blocks.

In the present time people aspire for quality in all spheres of life, especially when they want to indulge in chocolate. Joining forces and sharing the vision Al Halaby Est. became a strong driving force that provides the best Raw material to satisfy the end user.






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